Governance, Oversight and

  • The Finance and Audit Committee will be Chaired by Angela Lee Loy Chairperson of Aegis Business Solutions which is the largest Business Consultancy in the Caribbean Region. Angela is also a former partner at PWC.
  • This committee will be made up of Angela Lee Loy, Stuart Simon the Financial Director of The Mercy Foundation and a non executive member.
  • Best practices internationally will be used at all times and we have put in place internal and external safeguards to ensure that strict guidelines are adhered to as we administer and dispense funds.
  • The Living Water Community has a sterling reputation for efficiency and accountability. The Mercy Foundation and the board of trustees, the external consultants who are world renowned are all working in unison to ensure that the funds are utlised in the most effective manner; reaching those who are in need.
  • All funds raised and donated will be utilized for the project.

Independent External Auditors

  • This project will be independently audited by PWC.