Assessing the impact

Estimated Recovery needs for Dominica, Barbuda, Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands; US$5 Billion and this figure is expected to rise.

A number of roads, bridges, and public utility systems were destroyed.

In Dominica, the agriculture sector was devastated. 100% loss of crops and substantial destruction to productive trees and death of livestock. 90% of structures damaged: 62% of houses were heavily damaged and 15% destroyed.

Barbuda remains uninhabitable for the first time in 300 years, residents had to be evacuated to Antigua.

British Virgin Islands, tourism was severely affected, approximately 95% of all coastal small properties on the northern and western section on the island of Tortola was destroyed or reported severe damages. Public services and transport activities in most of the territories were severely hampered, including secondary roads, which are critical to access arable land, remote locations and transport labour and agricultural products to markets and ports.