Corporate Support

Corporations large, medium and small came forward to support. Donating generously and bringing relief to many in the early stages. Massy Group donated a warehouse, collected items & donations at the point of sales, Republic Bank Ltd stepped forward when we needed support to ship containers, Digicel started a ‘text to donate’ campaign, OCM and GML became effective media partners. There are many other examples of kind and generous support.

Ravi Tewari

President and CEO of Guardian Group.

Guardian Group, Southern Sales Group of Companies and Tokio Marine Kiln Syndicates Limited joined thousands of people and answered the call to assist our Caribbean neighbour Dominica, after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. This partnership facilitated through Living Water Community, purchased a much needed pick-up van that could navigate the dangerous terrain after the impact of the storm to transport essential items to remote communities. We are committed to working together and serving our Caribbean people by helping them rebuild after the overwhelming effects of Hurricane Maria.