Dr. Laurie Johnson

Foremost expert on disaster recovery:

Islands like Barbuda and Dominica have experienced a catastrophe, not just a
disaster, which means the impacts are far more profound, disrupting physical,
social and economic systems more deeply, threatening the long-term welfare
of impacted communities, and overwhelming societal-serving institutions.
Without meaningful external intervention, the humanitarian crises will continue,
larger numbers of people and businesses are likely to leave, the islands’ fragile
economies will spiral downward and recovery will take a long, long time.

World renowned experts on Disaster
Recovery & Assistance

Dr. Laurie Johnson one of the the foremost international experts on recovery after a Natural Disaster is offering valuable advice, support and assistance. Dr. Johnson has been assisting since the Hurricanes made landfall. Laurie played a major role in the recovery and rebuilding process after the Tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, the Earthquake in Haiti and other major Natural Disasters. Dr. Johnson recommended Build Change to assist in reconstruction.

Dr. Elizabeth Hausler Founder of Build Change, the foremost expert in post natural disaster construction to support and assist our efforts and Dr. Hausler willingly accepted. They have both been rendering expert advice, support, assistance and direction. Dr. Hausler is in Dominica at the moment providing valuable assistance on building standards to the committee appointed by the Government charged with rebuilding. They will both continue to provide support and assistance as we move through the different stages of the project.

Building System

We are using a rigorous system to determine which housing system we are going to use. Build Change is assisting us with this process. We are reviewing three systems at present and after the process is completed our team will start the project to Rebuild Homes in April 2018. The committee will also use a process to determine those who will receive support as outlined above. Our goal is to support and assist the vulnerable and needy and in that regard we will not make the process for selection onerous and difficult. We anticipate a home will cost approximately USD 35,000 to USD 40,000 based on early assessments. All of the new homes constructed will be built according to disaster-resistant standards.