Facing the aftermath

In September 2017 two extremely powerful and catastrophic category five hurricanes devastated islands in the Caribbean; Irma and Maria.

Irma; the strongest hurricane in terms of maximum sustained winds on record in the open Atlantic. Irma decimated Barbuda making it uninhabitable for the first time in 300 years, Anguilla, BVI and other Caribbean Islands

were also devastated. Maria made landfall soon thereafter.

“Dominica was Hurricane Maria’s first victim, and it was clear from a flight over the island nation that the storm showed absolutely no mercy.”

CNN September 21st 2017.

Maria and Irma are the two costliest hurricanes in the Caribbean’s History.

The aged, infirmed and children are the ones who suffer the most when there is a natural disaster of this magnitude. 39,000 children are in need of assistance across the region and more than a quarter of them are under five.