Marketing, PR and
General Communication

After the Hurricanes made landfall we all went back to our lives. The islands are still reeling from this devastating event. Families were torn apart, communities destroyed and entire economies shattered. It will take a long time to put the pieces back together. We are embarking on a major PR and Marketing campaign to raise awareness of the plight of our Caribbean brothers and sisters. We need to raisefunds to support all the efforts. To start this campaign:

  1. We are producing a documentary by legendary journalist Jim Clancy and Kiran Maharaj MD at CL Communications. We have gained access to the archives at CNN and we plan to air this in The USA, The UK and the Caribbean. This will be launched in April 2018.
  2. A complete Social Media campaign which starts in the month of March.
  3. Launch of our crowd funding initiative. This will also be launched in March and we hope to gain international momentum with this initiative.
  4. A full Media Campaign will be launched in March 2018.
  5. This is a long term project and we need to raise funds on an ongoing basis
    • A donors dinner with world and business leaders at the UN.
    • A celebrity tennis match in NYC .
    • Auctions in Trinidad and NYC with Jewelry by Nehita.
  6. The events in New York will be supported and coordinated by Rachel Goldstein, Sabine Poisson and NYC and Company.
  7. Our objective is to raise funds locally, regionally and internationally to assist our neighbors who are in dire need of support and assistance.