Helping Hands - delivering relief to those in need

Warehouse built by our team in Dominica to store
relief supplies collected for distribution.

The Living Water Community, the Joint Chambers and our media partners spun into action to provide immediate relief. There were four drop off points; the Living Water Community Centre, and three other strategic locations. Supplies were sorted, put into pallets, sent to Cargo Consolidators and then shipped to the affected islands. This was coordinated with our teams in the respective islands to make sure this was delivered to those most in need.

  • Teams were on the ground shortly after the Hurricanes made landfall and they are still on the
    island of Dominica to date; providing yeoman service to the respective communities.
  • A warehouse to store relief supplies was built in a matter of days.
  • Over 100 persons showed up when word spread that we were seeking volunteers to go to the
    islands to offer support and assistance.