Nigel Salina

Chairman, Mercy Foundation and Global Business Leadership Forum

Nigel Salina is an entrepreneur. Regionally, he is well known for his record shattering performance at the Caribbean’s largest insurer, visionary outlook and strong commitment to customer satisfaction. He is now the Chairman of the Global Business Leadership Forum Ltd. An international corporation focusing on global business, connecting business leaders & corporations across diverse industries in different geographic locations.

This company hosts leadership seminars, conferences and forums in multiple countries. This includes; the Caribbean Leadership Forum, the Business Leaders Forum hosted at the prestigious Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh PA.,and the Caribbean Security Forum. These events attracted major corporations, industry experts and global business leaders. Nigel consults with leading global corporations in The USA, Africa, Asia, Europe, Trinidad &Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

He is well known for his strong relationships with business leaders across multiple disciplines worldwide. He consults with a number of companies in Medical Services, Water, Technology, Infrastructure, Renewables, WTE, Security, Power and Energy