(January 2018 and beyond)

Phase two:

  1. Started rebuilding our first school, which will put hundreds back into the classroom.
  2. Will commence construction of homes in the month of April.
  3. Launching :

a. A crowd funding initiative in March 2018, to raise funds for this project.
b. A Social Media Platform in March 2018.
c. A massive PR and Marketing platform to raise awareness.

The Islands are Our Home

The Caribbean is Our Home, for those who reside here and the many who have migrated to other shores, our roots are buried in these islands. The ties that binds us together run deep, we have so much in common, a shared history; throughout the islands our lives are intertwined. There is a common thread running through these islands which keeps us together. Those who visit these islands for holiday, business or have family members; all identify with the islands as Home away from Home. We came together to help our brothers and sisters during the relief period. Among the devastation and ruins we are now reaching out across the islands to help Rebuild Homes.

Rebuild Our Homes Project

We are embarking on a plan to help “Rebuild Our Homes”. Many of our brothers and sisters were displaced and rendered homeless. Homes destroyed, livelihoods shattered and now without income there is little access to food, clean water, proper clothing or shelter. This is more so for the most vulnerable and helpless. The economies of these islands were destroyed in the aftermath of the Hurricanes. The ones most affected are those at the lower end of the economic strata and this is our primary focus; we are reaching out with a helping hand to those in need. There are families who are homeless and children are also out of the classroom; without access to proper education. We need to act urgently before the next Hurricane Season to assist and support our brothers and sisters.