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Wendy Fitzwilliam

Wendy Fitzwilliam was born to Juditha and Noel Fitzwilliam October 1972 in Diamond Vale, Diego Martin, Trinidad. The first of two daughters, Wendy graduated from the University of the West Indies in 1996 with a Bachelor of Law degree. She continued her legal training at the Hugh Wooding Law School. In her final year of study, two months before writing her final exams to qualify as an Attorney at Law in her native Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Fitzwilliam won the Miss Universe Title in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 12th, 1998.

In June of 1998 she was honored by the United Nations with the title of UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador, a direct result of her commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS and the stereotypes associated with it in the Caribbean and the world generally. She has narrated videos for both UNAIDS and UNICEF on the plight of children and people living with HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean. Her work with the UN continues as a UNFPA Face to Face Campaign Spokesperson.

The Hibiscus Foundation was one of Wendy’s dreams that became reality on the 6th of September 1998. This organization was established to heighten AIDS awareness in Trinidad and Tobago and to give assistance, financial and otherwise, to children’s homes in Trinidad. It is Wendy’s wish to soon take this organization regional, establishing a presence in Barbados and then the entire West Indies.

She has also been appointed the Red Cross Ambassador of Youth for the Caribbean. This is the first time the Red Cross has appointed anyone to this high honorary office.

Since relinquishing her title as Miss Universe in May 1999, Wendy has completed her legal education and was admitted to the Trinidad and Tobago Bar on May 31, 2000.