Worst affected Sectors

Housing and Infrastructure sectors; estimated costs for recovery: Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda, of above USD 600 million and USD 109 million, respectively. British Virgin Islands, the housing sector reported USD 910 million damages and infrastructure USD 296 million. Thousands have been left homeless and there were a number of deaths recorded across the region.

Housing is one of the most important and challenging areas for recovery as this provides shelter and security to families, but also, often small businesses are home based and hence, housing has an important role in income generation for the

The productive sector has suffered total damages and losses of USD 2.7 billion in Dominica, British Virgin Islands, and Antigua and Barbuda, with tourism and commerce the most affected subsectors with damages and losses of USD 2.2 billion and USD 297 million respectively.

Recovery costs in the environment have been estimated at USD 6.8 million. Due to the high dependence of livelihoods on the environment, including coastal, marine, forests, wetlands, the destruction caused by the hurricanes has resulted in significant loss of livelihoods.